Sevadis Scatalo Duo

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The Sevadis Scatalo Duo is a wall-mounted double outlet charger with smart online functionality. Finished in an attractive brushed aluminium with black Perspex panels, it is both robust and aesthetically-pleasing, suitable for all environments. The unit supports both single-phase power connection to each connector separately, with output from 3.7kw to 7.4kW per connector.

The unit is also OCPP-compatible, for connection to the Sevadis Cloud online management system, or to OCPP platforms provided by others.

Communications to the internet are available via wifi, GSM or ethernet, depending on the availability at each location. The Sevadis Scatalo Duo can also be configured with optional integrated load-balancing for ensuring that the incoming electricity supply is not over-loaded from excessive use of the chargers when in a cluster.

With the load-balancing option, the system automatically down-rates and limits the total consumption of the clustered charging stations according to the maximum set on the master unit.