Transform your fleet from traditional fuels to electric

As well as providing charging products and installation services, we are taking an active involvement in helping businesses transform their fleets from traditional fuels to electric. The latest survey of fleet managers by the Energy Saving Trust (EST) was released on the 22nd May 2020. The survey covered 500 key fleet managers in the UK who are responsible for running a variety of vehicle fleets, from a handful of vans to hundreds of company cars. Its aim was to gain a better understanding of the current make-up of company fleets and the intentions of companies moving forward. The fleet sector contributed over 50% of last year’s 2.3 million vehicles registrations in the UK and is a key factor in the race for electric vehicle adoption.

That said, the survey results offer a very positive reading. 90% of fleet managers feel positive about the idea of driving and owning an electric company car and 70% intend to purchase an electric vehicle within the next two years. Moreover, a third of fleet managers expect to have converted more than half of their fleet to electric by 2025.

How can we help?

When we think of the word ‘fleet’ we immediately are drawn to the classic Royal Mail red vans or our nation’s buses. However, the word applies to any commercial or public sector collection of vehicles. In total, fleets currently make up around 56% of the vehicles of our roads. We are able to work across any industry to deliver transformation projects which are tailored to your business needs, whether it is a fleet of company cars or golf karts. Our services cover 3 main areas:

1.     Fleet analysis

We do not use a specific, catch-all plan to apply to our clients. We use a data-driven approach to analyse the business needs and the nature of the organisation. We will be guided by your internal policies and the processes already in place in the business to ensure minimal upheaval. We will also offer unique solutions which satisfy the needs of each employee based on their job profile, travel requirements and the locations in which they work.

2. Vehicle Selection

After our fleet transformation analysis, we will work with our suppliers to provide the lowest cost vehicles possible. We are completely independent from all suppliers and so our recommendations will be impartial and purely based on the most affordable options which meet the needs of the business.

3. Charging Solutions

After deciding on the appropriate vehicles for the business, we will create charging solutions which blend seamlessly into your existing sites and maintain agility of movement for your business. Like vehicle supply, we are also independent of any charging suppliers and can offer the best solutions for you from an extensive range of products. Moreover, we are accredited by OLEV to install charge points at commercial premises and can provide you with this service as part of the overall package we offer. Find out more about our commercial charge point installs.

We want to make sure that the transformation towards a greener fleet is as cost beneficial as possible

Greener fleet, maximum vlaue

We want to make sure that the transformation towards a greener fleet is as cost beneficial as possible. As such, we adopt a lean approach to our projects, regularly reviewing the financial impact to ensure that we are always adding maximum value and removing that which does not add value to the business. We will make this as interactive as possible and will present rolling financial data to client management so that they remain confident that the project is progressing well. 

With all our clients, we often recommend a phased-based approach whereby they transform their fleet over a period rather than in one major overhaul. We believe this is important for several reasons. Firstly, many businesses to not have appropriate cash flow to change all vehicles immediately and so a gradual change will reduce the need for additional financing which could impact other areas of the business. Secondly, businesses change over time and the requirements for the fleet will also change. The phased approach allows us to address the most pressing requirements in a timely manner with the most up-to-date technology. Finally, the phased approach allows the business to remain in complete control and drastically reduces any risk involved. It allows you, and us, to see the impact of the fleet transformation on a smaller scale before it is rolled out across the business. 

Our data analysis tools are powered by artificial intelligence and will provide extensive information throughout the project in relation to financial performance, vehicle usage, charging output and some qualitative data from customers and employees. Our technical team will also be there to support you in whatever way necessary, from installing charging bays to helping with grant applications. 

In a world where corporations are under pressure to display their environmental credentials by regulatory bodies and green-conscious customer alike, there is clearly demand for companies to transform the way their workers travel. However, it is the responsibility of companies like us to help make this process as easy as possible and to guide your organisation through any transitional periods. If you are a fleet manager, company owner or you drive a company car and would like to discuss your options, please get in touch. A member of our team would be happy to discuss this in more detail and answer any questions that you have.

We have an extensive team of accredited engineers across the UK and Ireland

They are available to install any charging solutions required and can do so on large- or small-scale projects.