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Can an Electric Car Tow a Caravan?

Caravan holidays are very popular in the UK, as caravans and caravan sites become more advanced and comfortable. It can be a great way of seeing the country and travelling with family or friends. With the growing range of EVs, it is also becoming possible to go on driving holidays in EVs without the same […]

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Can you charge electric car with solar panels?

Most electric vehicle drivers have made the transition at least partially for environmental reasons. However, one may be deterred by the fact that EVs are often charged using energy from non-renewable sources and the energy requirement for your car can be very expensive.  A great answer to this dilemma is to draw energy from solar […]

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Life with an EV as a Company Car

The demand for UK leased company EVs doubled in the first six months of the tax year, from April 2020, after the latest incentive was introduced, according to research by Octopus Electric Vehicles. As we have discussed before on this blog, benefit in kind taxation has changed in the UK, meaning that EV drivers are […]

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How to Charge an Electric Car on the Street

There are many charging solutions for electric cars to fit a variety of scenarios and lifestyles. By far the most common option is at-home charging with around 60% of EV drivers using this solution. However, this often requires the installation of a home charger and the use of off-street parking. This may not be an […]

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BMW i3 Charging

Whether you already own or are thinking of purchasing your BMW i3, you may have several questions about how to get the best out of your new vehicle. This guide aims to provide you with all the information you need to use the i3 efficiently, solve any issues that may occur and, most importantly, enjoy […]

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Claiming Government Grants: It’s This Easy!

Grants relating to electric vehicles are provided by The Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) in England and Wales and The Energy Saving trust (EST) in Scotland. These institutions were set up by the respective governments to help increase the number of ultra-low emission vehicles on our roads. There are two main types of grant […]

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Electric Vehicle Product Update – February 2020

Showcasing the latest products for electric vehicles. This month we introduce a new high efficiency charge point and the latest in charging cables. Garo Wall Mounted Charging Station Garo are well-established manufacturers and distributors of a diverse range of industrial electrical distribution products, components and supplies.  Garo is certified under ISO 9001:2008 which ensures that […]

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The Wallbox Range of EV Charge Points

Wallbox are a well-known name in the development and manufacture of electric vehicle charge points. Having been established in 2015, they are one of the longest standing names in the business and have introduced many innovations. Their latest charge points include smart charging technology and provide a selection of products to suit every application. Pulsar […]