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Shop Small this Christmas

You may be fooled into thinking that ‘shopping small’ is confined to domestic items but there are many smaller businesses in almost every industry. One such industry is electric vehicles and accessories. As a relatively new market, there are many young, independent businesses that provide services and products for electric vehicles, us included. That said, […]

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EU could be self-sufficient to for EV batteries by 2025

Currently, Asia has capitalised the market on producing lithium ion batteries by manufacturing more than 80% of the demand. In 2019, the number 1 lithium ion battery manufacturer was Korea’s LG Chem which has agreements with Volkswagen, Nissan and Hyundai among many others. Coming up behind LH Chem, being the world number 2 battery manufacturer, […]

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7 EV YouTube Channels You should follow

Fullychargedshow – 727k subscriber This is a weekly series produced and hosted by Robert Llewelyn who is based in the UK. Not only is it about the actual electric vehicles but also how we generate the electricity to power these vehicles. The videos are hugely entertaining and often myth-busting, showing us what the future of […]

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How quickly do EV batteries degrade over time?

Many EV motorists have perfectly valid concerns over the longevity of the batteries in EVs. We have all been there with other batteries in the past, for example phones or other electric devices, where after a few years, the battery does not last as long as when they were newer. And so, many people have […]

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Protect Your EV Charging Cable from Theft

As electric vehicles become more common on our roads, there is also greater demand for charging cables. With each driver often having multiple cables for different reasons, the demand for charging cables is increasing exponentially. However, with price tags upwards of £250, each cable is also very valuable in its own right, and this has […]

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Wireless EV charging being trialled in Edinburgh

An innovative new project is being explored right here in Scotland and it is the trial of Britain’s first wireless charging hub for light commercial vehicles. It is set to be installed at Herriot-Watt university which is just outside of Edinburgh. The City of Edinburgh Council have been awarded £1.6million in funding as part of […]

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Latest Uber Investment to Target Low Income Areas

London has one of the highest concentrations of EV charge points among major European cities. However, until now, investment in electric infrastructure has been focused on more affluent areas. This has posed an issue for ride-hailing giant, Uber. They have acknowledged the lack of charging facilities in lower income areas, which is where their drivers […]