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Long Range Batteries a Step Closer

The race for long range continues to be the foremost consideration for most EV manufacturers. Powering electric vehicles for hundreds of miles is starting to become a reality and the release of models like the Jaguar i-Pace and Tesla Model 3 have been the first in a wave of new advanced EVs. However, as we […]

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The increase in Public and Home Charging Points

Publicly-accessible charging points for electric vehicles grew by 60% in 2019. This is the biggest increase in the past three years and actually surpassed the number of electric cars that were purchased in that year. EV numbers are expected to drastically increase over the next few years, and so the new publicly-accessible charging points aim […]

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Electric Mazda MX-30 and Their Partnership with NewMotion

Mazda’s first fully electric car, the MX-30, was revealed in 2019 at the Tokyo Motor Show. To start with, the range in the UK will be limited to 500 ‘First Edition’ models which customers can pre-order. This range of the MX-30 will cost from £27,495, taking into account the government grants available and the estimated […]

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Business Opportunities from Public Charging Bays

As a business owner or manager, you will no doubt have considered the environmental impact of your company and how you can improve this moving forward. There are many reasons why a business would see incentive to adopt more green policies. While installing charging bays on commercial premises for your staff is incredibly important, particularly […]

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The Environmental Impact of Manufacturing EVs

We know that electric cars are much better for the environment in terms of emissions, as they produce up to 43% less than traditionally fueled alternatives. Even when the electricity has not been generated sustainably, electric cars have lower climate impacts during their lifetime than those with internal combustion engines. These are encouraging findings are […]

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What Do We Know About the Audi E-Tron Range?

Audi, like most of the traditional car manufacturers, have been very busy developing a new range of electric vehicles. The latest range has been named E-Tron and will combine some electric versions of traditional models along with brand new creations. While the project is very much in its infancy, enough sneak peeks and news have […]

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EV market in Republic of Ireland

As our business continues to expand, we are getting involved with more and more exciting projects. Many of these projects are close to home but our reach is also widening. I recent weeks, we have started the process of gaining our accreditation in the Republic of Ireland and we already have some exciting new projects […]

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How do carbon emissions affect our health?

The UK has a target to reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases to net zero by 2050, as we have discussed in previous articles. To do this, drastic and radical change in the infrastructure of our country is needed. This will help reduce the trajectory of our warming planet and help to control climate […]

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McDonald’s to Roll Out EV Rapid Chargers

We recently spoke about the importance of electrical transformation by large corporations. Companies like Lyft have made promises to convert their fleets to electric and these large changes will be vital to ensure we meet our emissions targets. That said, fast food chain McDonald’s are the latest major global corporation to set out a plan […]

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Challenges Still Facing the EV Market

We talk often about the exciting new technology on the market and the companies which are striving to make electric vehicles more advanced, affordable and accessible to all. However, while we celebrate the wins which take us one step closer to our goal, we often do not take time to assess what still needs to […]