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Wireless EV charging being trialled in Edinburgh

An innovative new project is being explored right here in Scotland and it is the trial of Britain’s first wireless charging hub for light commercial vehicles. It is set to be installed at Herriot-Watt university which is just outside of Edinburgh. The City of Edinburgh Council have been awarded £1.6million in funding as part of […]

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Latest Uber Investment to Target Low Income Areas

London has one of the highest concentrations of EV charge points among major European cities. However, until now, investment in electric infrastructure has been focused on more affluent areas. This has posed an issue for ride-hailing giant, Uber. They have acknowledged the lack of charging facilities in lower income areas, which is where their drivers […]

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The Quest for Range

The electric vehicle market has come on leaps and bounds in recent years. However, range anxiety remains a pressing issue for most prospective EV owners, and the manufacturers know it. A survey last year by the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) showed that only 50% of consumers would consider an EV as a main car if […]

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EV Supertruck? Well, it Had to Come from Hummer.

The Hummer brand, known for its association with the US army, stretch limos and awful fuel efficiency, has been resurrected by owner General Motors as a sub-brand to GMC, their new range of electric vehicles. The new GMC Hummer EV promises “unprecedented off-road capability and extraordinary on-road performance”. It is believed that this latest model […]

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The rise of electric charge points:

The rise of electric vehicles has to go hand in hand with the rise of EV charge points to make EVs convenient for the consumer. Not only do the charge point need to be in sufficient number to support people’s lifestyles but they also have to be able to charge quickly and efficiently. In 2020, […]

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Fleet Electrification

Fleet vehicles account for up to 55% of vehicle sales and leases in the UK. Given this large market share, it is crucial factor in the movement towards electric travel. Often, the rate of adoption of electric vehicles relies most heavily on fleet transformation. In order to engage with the fleet management market, one must […]

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EV Company Car Boom After Tax Incentives

The demand for UK leased company EVs doubled in first six months of 2020 after the latest tax incentive was introduced, according to research by Octopus Electric Vehicles. This specific growth has fuelled a total increase in EV registrations of 157% so far this year. The workplace salary sacrifice scheme allows employees to pay the […]