An Electric Future: Which UK Cities Lead the Way?

Many of our blog posts have discussed aspects of owning an electric vehicle which are geographically dependent. We thought it may be useful to shine a light on 5 UK cities that are making waves in the quest for a greener future. With a particular focus on green travel and electric vehicle charging, here are […]

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Switching to electric while living in a flat

A serious catch-22 of the electric vehicle industry is that many of the potential customers are young people but they often do not have the ability to install a chargepoint because they live in a flat or rented accommodation. We must admit that owning an electric vehicle is much easier if you have the means […]

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Why we are just a bit obsessed by the Tesla model 3

When you think of electric vehicles, we can almost guarantee that the first brand that comes to mind is Tesla. For years, the electric vehicle market was taken up solely by small, light vehicles manufactured by forward-thinking big-hitters like Chevrolet and Nissan. However, in true Elon Musk style, the emergence of Tesla onto the market […]

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Is Air Pollution the Real Killer?

There are many conflicting opinions on the behaviour of coronavirus particles. Some scientists say that the virus can survive for a mere minutes when airborne, others say it can linger for up to three hours. Some advocate the use of face masks; others believe they could simply make us all more complacent. However, until recently, […]

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Back in Business

It may seem like a lifetime ago that the government imposed lockdown on all businesses other those deemed ‘essential’. The Prime Minister seemed leave this up to a fair amount of interpretation at the time, causing significant controversy when some businesses chose to remain open. The car sales industry was not given any room to […]

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Fast Out the Blocks:

With the end of April in sight and the potential of lockdown being lifted sometime in May, you may be tempted to start making plans for life after the pandemic. While I’m sure many of you will be thinking about days out in the sunshine, flocking to our nation’s parks and beer gardens, there are […]

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Charge Point Grants: a Scottish Update

Where do grants come from?  Most grants received by individuals or companies installing electric vehicle chargepoints on their premises come from two sources: The Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) funded by the UK Government or The Energy Saving Trust (EST) funded by the Scottish Government. This week, EST secured further funding for their domestic […]