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Claiming Government Grants: It’s This Easy!

Grants relating to electric vehicles are provided by The Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) in England and Wales and The Energy Saving trust (EST) in Scotland. These institutions were set up by the respective governments to help increase the number of ultra-low emission vehicles on our roads. There are two main types of grant […]

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Lotus and Centrica Join Forces

These days, it is very common for companies to work together to complete large projects. Many of the biggest advances in technology in our time have been as a result of partnerships between multiple large corporations. The energy sector is no stranger to this and many suppliers have launched joint ventures with electronic and engineering […]

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Leading the way in Electric Travel

At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are looking to other nations more than ever before. Some countries like South Korea and Germany lead the pack in terms of infection containment and countries like Australia and China seem to have returned to some semblance of normality. That said, we received a great response to […]

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Putting the Client First

We constantly encourage our readers to get in touch with us to discuss their situation and ask any questions. We get a lot of enquiries from members of the public about which products best suit their needs, how the grant process works and whether a change to electric travel would suit their lifestyle. We obviously […]

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Call to Action

As the Prime Minister encourages some people to return to work and some non-essential businesses get the ball rolling again, it seems that we are over the proverbial hill with lockdown. However, with each change proving to be more of a baby step, you could be forgiven for not getting overly excited. We are here […]

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The ID 3: a New Age for Volkswagen?

Having dominated car sales since its release in 1970, The Golf is synonymous with the Volkswagen brand. However, the head honchos at VW are ready to usher in a new age spearheaded by their all-electric ID sub-brand. Having been originally unveiled as a concept at the Paris Motor Show in 2016, the brand new Volkswagen […]

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The Perfect time for a New Car

In response to recent statistics showing car sales have dropped by 97% to post WWII levels, you may be forgiven for thinking that this is not the best time to purchase a new car. However, we believe this is the perfect time to arrange your post-lockdown wheels. On 22nd April, the Government gave the green […]


Overwhelming Support for Fleet Electrification

Commercial businesses are fuelled by profit. As such, many businesses see electrification as a sound decision for two reasons. Firstly, there is growing consumer demand for eco- friendly goods and services; companies that introduce environmentally friendly working practices will likely see greater revenues in the future. Secondly, going greener will also have significant cost reductions […]

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Other Tax Considerations

We recently discussed the tax implications of switching to an electric vehicle as your company car. In this article, we discussed new tax regulations which would bring the benefit-in-kind taxation down to zero on company cars, leaving  you with hundreds of pounds extra in your pocket each month. However, the fiscal implications of switching to […]