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Can an Electric Car Tow a Caravan?

Caravan holidays are very popular in the UK, as caravans and caravan sites become more advanced and comfortable. It can be a great way of seeing the country and travelling with family or friends. With the growing range of EVs, it is also becoming possible to go on driving holidays in EVs without the same […]

General How To Guides

Can you charge electric car with solar panels?

Most electric vehicle drivers have made the transition at least partially for environmental reasons. However, one may be deterred by the fact that EVs are often charged using energy from non-renewable sources and the energy requirement for your car can be very expensive.  A great answer to this dilemma is to draw energy from solar […]

Home Charging Technology

Introducing the Sync EV charge point

Paul Delahay and his team at EVCP have recently launched the Sync EV charge point. With many charge points on the market the challenge to design a product that makes a difference was a challenge from the outset. A compact hardware package coupled with industry leading software secures a strong position in the home and […]

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Brite Technical Services – latest framework award

KCS Professional Services (a division of Kent County Council Commercial Services) has awarded Brite Technical Services a position on its electric vehicle charge points framework. Announcing the award Pauline McLaughlin, CEO, Brite Technical Services commented “We are delighted to announce this win for Brite Technical Services. We are looking forward to working with Kent Commercial […]


Are All EVs Compatible with All Public Chargepoints?

Electric cars face two key problems: range and charging infrastructure. Electric car ranges are getting longer as technology develops and both the government and private companies are spending millions on improving charging facilities in the UK. However, for new EV drivers, it can be difficult to know which chargers are compatible and you may be […]


Should I Charge my Tesla Every Night?

In our blog last week, we discussed the implications of charging on battery life and performance of regular EVs. As many EV drivers will know, the technology in Tesla vehicles can often differ from the rest of the market and slightly different advice applies. Therefore, we have tailored our charging guide for Tesla owners this […]


Should I Charge my EV Every Night?

Range anxiety As we have discussed before, ‘range anxiety’ is one of the most common barriers for adoption of electric vehicles. EVs do not currently have the technology to travel as far on a single charge as traditionally fuelled alternatives can travel on a full tank. As such, naturally, many consumers are concerned that they […]

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Shop Small this Christmas

You may be fooled into thinking that ‘shopping small’ is confined to domestic items but there are many smaller businesses in almost every industry. One such industry is electric vehicles and accessories. As a relatively new market, there are many young, independent businesses that provide services and products for electric vehicles, us included. That said, […]